Did you know that April is National Stress Awareness month?

We all experience stress – yet we may experience it in very different ways. Because of this, there is no single definition for stress, but the most common explanation is a physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension.

How you deal with daily stress depends on your coping skills. Experts categorize them in many different ways, but there is one important distinction to keep in mind:

Unhealthy coping skills hold you back, while healthy coping skills reduce stress and make it easier to reach your goals.

Having constructive new strategies may also make it easier to break bad habits your stress may cause you. That’s because you’ll experience less temptation when you have more fulfilling substitutes. With practice, you can transform the way you deal with challenges.

Melissa Lee sat down with Hera Hub member, Diana Lowe, to discuss some of these coping skills.  We know you will enjoy this interview

Diana Lowe, is the CEO of Blue Light Leadership, a leadership development company focused on educating, training and coaching emotional intelligence for remote leaders. Blue Light helps companies keep their top talent in this new remote and hybrid work environment in this current and post COVID business environment. Diana has 15 years of working with Directors and Senior Executives in Fortune 500 companies to transform their team spirit and communication, turning low-performing teams to highly productive and engaged leaders. Her practice focuses on using evidence based research in Positive Psychology for coaching, which allows her a whole person wellness approach in coaching. Blue Light is women and minority owned.

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