In celebration of National Entrepreneurship Week, Feb 12th – 19th, we asked several of our members to give some of their best business advice.

Our first featured member is Renee Zau, Co-Founder & CEO of DonationMatch. Renee has been an active Hera Hub Sorrento Valley member for ten years.

The DonationMatch platform enables businesses to easily support their communities, generate social impact, and reach target markets without spending money. The unique two-sided, self-service platform brings vetted companies and nonprofits together so products and services can be donated more efficiently and strategically to charitable events for fundraising and community impact.

Renee Zau, CEO & Co-founder, DonationMatch was created as a result of Renee’s direct experience as both a silent auction chair and marketer. Being a multi-unit franchisee, managing a regional marketing co-op, mentoring 100 business owners, and volunteering with over 50 charity events enlightened her to the synergy and challenges faced by both donor companies and nonprofit event leaders regarding in-kind donations. Knowing there had to be a better, more efficient way to make win-win, in-kind marketing opportunities available to companies while simplifying access to donations for schools and nonprofits, she partnered with Darryl to build DonationMatch.