Every year we acknowledge May as mental health awareness month.  This observance helps destigmatize those who are diagnosed or seek mental health treatment.  To assist us with this acknowledgment, we’ve called on Hera Hub member Jaz Chahal, Owner & CEO of The Mindset Evolution, to share with us the work she does with her clients to help them reach their mental healthcare goals.

About Jaz Chahal – As a Mindset & Empowerment Coach at The Mindset Evolution, Jaz’s mission is to guide women around the globe to their truest and most authentic selves by shifting their inner self-talk. Through engaging in holistic and transformative evidence-based practices in her 1:1 and group coaching programs, Jaz supports women to crank up the volume on their own inner voice and turn down the volume on the voices of others creating massive breakthroughs in every area of their personal and professional life, to live life wholly and on their own terms. By reuniting with their own voice and own inner calling Jaz’s clients are also becoming fearless self advocates, showing up with unshakeable confidence, experiencing more attuned relationships, and leading more purposeful lives while cultivating love for their true self and building a life from within. For more information visit Jaz Chahal at: www.themindsetevolution.com