If you are struggling to feel normal after COVID, you are not alone.  When the pandemic first started, thousands of people struggled to adjust to the new ways of life—staying indoors, not seeing family members or friends for long periods, wearing masks, and of course, the fear of getting infected with the virus.

Anxiety and depression rates increased by over 25% at the onset of the pandemic. Now that the spread of COVID has slowed down, many people are dealing with post-pandemic anxiety.

When Networking is an Important Part of Business Development

Mary entrepreneurs rely on attending networking events to grow their business and build their community.  What coping skills can we give them for re-entry?

Felena Hanson has a candid conversation with Krystalynn Williams, a Marriage and Family Therapist, on this important topic.

Krystalynn Williams is a Marriage and Family Therapist providing therapy services to children, couples, and individuals.

She the founder and CEO of Krystal Clear Mind. She’s a wife, mother and advocate for fellow mothers out there who are seeking to flip the script of their life’s narrative from barely surviving to thriving.

Krystalynn recognize how this specific type of therapy care was lacking in the communities she served while working in the education space for youth with at-risk behavior. That’s why she have set her heart on creating a space where mothers are placed first, for quite possibly the first time in awhile or ever! By offering her guidance and support to these women, the outcome will result in better overall heath for herself and her family.

As a mother of two, she understand first hand the challenges that come with being a mother and the other life roles we are responsible for.

It’s a tough but it is possible to shift this with dedication to inner work and extra TLC.

Connect with her at https://www.krystalclearmind.com/connect-with-krystalynn.