Women’s History Month Trivia By Anywhere League

For Women’s History Month, I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some of my own personal idols and their accomplishments, in the best way I knew how—writing a trivia quiz.

One of my first experiences being the only woman in a room was when I was on my high school quiz bowl team, and since then I’ve only become more convinced that trivia is a bit of a boy’s club. After all, how many questions about football do we really need? But there’s so many fascinating women who deserve their own questions!

For example:

1. Who created a clothing line that sold in stores such as Macy’s in the 1930s to help fund her series of adventures?

2. In 1776, New Jersey became the first polity in the world to allow women to do what?

3. Which entertainer, member of the French Resistance in WWII, and civil rights advocate is the only person from the U.S. to be honored in Paris’s Pantheon?

And there’s so much more where that came from! One of the reasons I started Anywhere League was to encourage curiosity and give people a chance to learn about topics they wouldn’t otherwise encounter. That’s why I put together a full quiz featuring 30 questions across five categories entirely on women’s history. Take a look and use the questions with your work colleagues or social groups. You’ll find a file with all the questions and answers linked below. It’s a fun way to meet some amazing women.


Answer #1: Amelia Earhart, who focused on clothing with easy-wash fabrics designed to appeal to the new, modern woman of the era.

Answer #2: New Jersey was the first place in the world to let women vote, but it was overturned in 1807.

Answer #3: Josephine Baker, singer, dancer, actress, and lifelong pioneer was given a memorial in the Pantheon in 2021.

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Kathleen Burnett is the founder of Anywhere League, a six-week long trivia tournament to help remote teams learn about the world and each other. She offers quizzes that are designed to engage and connect employees, let natural relationships develop, and offer everyone a chance to show off their specialist knowledge. Her favorite trivia category of all time is Dumplings.

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