Melissa Lee sat down with long-time Hera Hub member, Kathryn Nuñez, to discuss her journey to full-time entrepreneurship and what it took to break six figures.

Kathryn E. Nuñez, is a LinkedIn Marketing Expert and a Top Visibility Thought leader. She is an authority on sales and, has built a rapid-growing following of over 30,000 professionals.

Kathryn is passionate about working with solopreneurs who are ready to become go-to subject matter experts in their niche. Her clients learn to attract leads and opportunities on autopilot, increase their revenue, and become the person of influence in their market.

As a speaker, author, and online writer, Kathryn has been mentoring women in sales to achieve success for over 20 years. She does this by drawing on her 30+ years of experience, including executive level sales management, B2B field sales, and both domestic and international business development.

She has coached many levels of professionals from high-level executives to novice sales representatives to improve their selling skills and to develop their digital personal brand.

Passionate about her work, Kathryn credits her success to mindset, drive, and tenacity. Favorite pastimes include cooking in the kitchen with “future chef” and son Jordin or traveling the world with her son Sebastian listening to him play his cello.

You can follow Kathryn… 

Facebook: therealkathrynenunez

Instagram: @therealkathrynenunez