Hera Hub Small Business Holiday Gift Guide

This year, more than ever, it’s important to support small businesses. We have a bold ask… consider refraining from “convenience” (doing your holiday shopping at Target or on Amazon) and go the extra mile to support a local entrepreneur!  

To make it easy for you to #shopsmall and have a BIG impact, we have curated a list of some amazing entrepreneurs, all proud Hera Hub members!


Gritty Beauty, founder Marissa Gossett

Website: www.grittybeauty.com  & https://grittybeauty.com/products/skin-repair-starter-kit

It’s perfect for… people who suffer from adult acne, who have tried everything, and are looking to clear their breakouts naturally.

Gritty Beauty is helping women discover consistently acne-free skin. The Gritty Beauty shop features natural, acne-safe, and healthy-aging skincare and beauty products.

Gritty Beauty gift pack

The Skin Repair Starter Kit is designed for skin that is sensitive and over-reacting due to being deficient in skin-identical lipids and moisture. The skin’s moisture barrier becomes deplete of vital factors when the epidermis is stripped due to harsh or incorrect skincare habits which triggers unnecessary breakouts and skin irritation. Each step in the Skin Repair Starter Kit will provide intense hydration, relieve inflammation and irritation, and reinforce the moisture barrier.

Cheeky Physique, founder Lucy Splichal

Cheeky Physique

Website: https://cheekyphysique.com/ & https://cheekyphysique.com/sublime-lips/

It’s perfect for… the beauty junkie in your life – makes a great stocking stuffer!

The ultimate beauty lifeline – Cheeky Physique is dedicated to results-driven skin and body care products for women who want to look their best with minimal effort.

Our Sublime Lips Manuka Honey Lip Plumper is a nourishing lip plumper that combines Manuka honey

and advanced lip plumping ingredients. The best part? There’s none of that annoying stinging and irritation you feel from other lip plumpers. This hydrating lip treatment nourishes lips while offering instant and long-term volume enhancement.


Craft Lab Co., founder Kendra Martin

Website: https://www.craftlabco.com

It’s perfect for… the modern female warrior: the working woman who “does it all” and rarely has time for self-care. Give her thirty minutes of sensory bliss this holiday season, where she can ground into the present moment and find a sense of calm amid the chaos.  

Craft Lab Co. curates creative wellness experiences, which are at-home activities designed to stimulate the five human senses of see, touch, taste, smell, and hear. Our Fall Feature is a Candle Making Kit designed to stimulate the sense of smell. This experience takes only half an hour and is priced under $50, which makes it perfect for gifting. The packaging and product are sustainably designed with the customer and environment in mind. The finished product is a non-toxic aromatherapy candle made of 100% natural soy wax and essential oil. Get free shipping at checkout when you buy 2+ kits!

Craft Lab Co candles
Craft Lab Co gift box

Onnie’s Art, founder Kimball Willson

Website: https://onniesart.com/

It’s perfect for… grandparents!  And creating art is a fun activity to do together with family members (in-person or on Zoom).

Onnie’s Art provides subscription art boxes with activities for older adults, plus easy-to-follow tutorials.  Just in time for the holiday season, we are creating watercolor greeting cards!  

Follow tutorials for winter scenes and festive holiday themes that will delight family and friends who receive handmade cards. All Onnie’s Art boxes provide guidance for first-time artists up to skilled hobbyists.  Paint at home and connect with our online Onnie’s Art Community to share progress, ask questions, and make new friends.

Onnie’s Art gift

Craft with Lucy, Lucy Kelleher

Website: https://lucyk.ctmh.com

It’s perfect for… any of the crafters in your life. 

Close to My Heart’s mission is to show you how to celebrate relationships through discovering your creativity, to preserve and share the moments that matter most.  We have something for everyone and at all different price points.  

The shimmer brushes are PERFECT stocking stuffers for all ages – can be used on craft projects, planners, bullet journals, wood projects, etc. https://bit.ly/2IMfuZ7

The ornaments and tags are fun to use on gifts and hang on the tree.  They can be decorated with paper, markers, glitter, paint, etc.  Since the tags are wooden, they can be reused every year for those “special” people in your life.  You can add a picture on the back of the tags and then use them as an ornament the next year – tons of ideas!   https://bit.ly/3nEEO1R

The Moments Like These Calendar is a great way to memorialize the year – add pictures as you go each month OR take pictures from the past to add them as a reminder.  This kit is easy to put together and has all the instructions you would need. https://bit.ly/34nFPmK

Craft with Lucy gift set
moments-like-these gift set Craft with Lucy


Domaine Santé, founder Emily Josenhans

Website: https://domaine-sante.com & https://domaine-sante.com/collections/sample-sets

It’s perfect for…  the “healthy foodie”, wine or food lover, mom who entertains, pregnant women (makes a delicious mocktail), or chef.

Ditch the powdery, processed stuff and choose GRAPE NECTAR: the better tasting, better for you option that is also good for the planet, grown here in California’s backyard. Developed by an expert nutritionist, all three blends of Grape Nectar have no added sugar and are a low glycemic sugar alternative that you can feel good about having in your kitchen. And did we mention the taste? Your pancakes will thank you when you taste Grape Nectar natural sugar alternative drizzled on them.

Domaine Santé, founder Emily Josenhans

Kerr Cellars – Chaela Ciongoli

Websites: https://kerrcellars.com & Gifting Offerings

It’s perfect for… the wine lover in your life.

We make boutique Napa Valley and Sonoma County wines designed for the world’s most discerning palates. Handcrafted from exceptional quality grapes by one of the finest winemakers in the business. That’s it. When you work with talented people and source the best ingredients nature provides, the only thing left to do is share it.

Giving Kerr Cellars wine is the perfect way to strengthen important client relationships and stay top of mind. We know you’re busy, so we’ve made our wine gifts as easy as possible. Choose our ready-made selections for the perfect business gesture, or select a bespoke, lavishly packaged and fully personalized option for the ultimate display of gratitude. At Kerr Cellars we pride ourselves on our service and attention to detail. The whole experience is as smooth as our Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.

Splash Wine Lounge & Bottle Shop, Owner Yali Bair Ruiz

splash wine for holidays

Website: https://asplashofwine.com/holiday-gifts/

It’s perfect for… anyone who loves wine.

Yali and her daughter put much love into Splash Wine Lounge & Bottle Shop. As the only Latina-owned wine bar in San Diego, culture is proudly at the center of everything they do. By curating interesting and unique wines from around the world — prioritizing those made by womxn, BIPOC, and family-owned wineries — they remain dedicated to diversifying the wine community. Pick one of these unique wine bundles and have it delivered to your recipient’s front door. We especially like the women winemakers bundle, featuring female winemakers or women-led wineries. The Kita Cabernet and League of Rogues Zinfandel are smooth but bold. The McBride Sisters Red Blend and Raft Syrah are equally complex but lighter-bodied reds, perfect for dinner or just a glass to kick back with in front of the fireplace.


Peace Ornaments, founder Vanessa Wilde

Website: www.peaceornaments.com

It’s perfect for… clients, colleagues, multi-faith family members, and your peace loving, inclusive, social justice warrior friends. 

These unique ornaments are meant to inspire curiosity, great conversations and deeper friendships.  Let the people in your life know just how much you love and appreciate them with one of our 17 beautifully crafted, inclusive Peace Ornaments.

Juggling Khaos Planners, founder Kelly Stokes Brown

Websites: https://jugglingkhaos.com & https://jugglingkhaos.com/products/beautiful-in-blush-six-month-goal-setting-guide-planner

It’s perfect for… creatives, freelancers, consultants, solopreneurs and small business owners who have big goals and dreams on their minds for 2021. 

All-in-one six month planners that keep you inspired and focused on top priorities. Specifically designed for creative freelancers, consultants and solopreneurs, these six month planners have everything you need in one spiral bound notebook including month and week ahead planning, goal setting and tracking, monthly recap and brainstorming pages. Great gift for your entrepreneurial minded girlfriends and women who own their own businesses. 

GripItGear Organizer, founder Monetta Plassmeyer

Website: www.stickwithitpalette.com/store 

It’s perfect for… Someone that loves to do arts and crafts, someone that loves to tinker with repairs of small items, hobbyist, guitar repair, locksmiths, or electronic repair.

GripItGear is an innovative multipurpose case designed to carry, store and organize your small items.  

When the case is fully open, it doubles as a platform to work on and catch items from rolling away.

It’s perfect for armorers, locksmithing, luthiers, electronic technicians and a variety of hobbies. This reusable surface is durable and long lasting, which means it’s permanent and never wears off.

Fairy Tale Royals (3 book series) – Fiction by Emily Deady

Support a local bookstore! https://www.mystgalaxy.com/book/9781734986518 or https://www.mystgalaxy.com/book/9781734986549
Also available on Amazon Prime: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088YKP72X

It’s perfect for…. teenage girls (ages 14+), or anyone else who likes to read YA fantasy/romance. 

This fantasy series is about five royal siblings who

each get their perfect fairy tale romance. The first two books in the series are based on Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, and are currently available in print and on Kindle. 

The series has over 120 reviews on Amazon, averaging 4.7 out of 5 stars. 

The romance is light and sweet, focused on friendship first, and it is appropriate for young audiences. Readers describe the books as lighthearted, fun, and wholesome.

Madison Bolls Mixed Media Art

Website: www.madisonbolls.com/shop

It’s perfect for…. anyone looking for a unique piece for their home or office (or home office!). Themes often pertain to nature and women.

Madison’s mixed media artwork consists of layered materials, including old book pages. These works reveal the subjectivity of both image and text when they’re taken out of their original contexts and layered together. Inspired by history, strong feminine archetypes, and the certainty of death, she manipulates paint and other found materials around old book pages to experience words in a new way. The palimpsest of colors, text, and texture serve as a conduit for the viewer to channel unconscious fears, desires, and allow a connection to a more complex self, and overall, facilitates unique interpretations and a deeper personal connection to the art.

Alegra Loewenstein, Author & Writer

Website: https://www.alegraloewenstein.com/

It’s perfect for… anyone looking to get a handle on their health in 2021.

A few of her many published books… Emotional Eating Detox, Kitchen Magic, Healing Your Inner Child, Body Wisdom Journal

Alegra Loewenstein is a best-selling author, speaker, and coach on the topics of weight loss, emotional eating, and how an earth based spirituality can foster health and happiness. Alegra inspires busy, ambitious leaders to slow down, tune into to their holistic whole body, connect to what they desire, and lose weight with ease. She is an expert at writing books that are fun to read, simple to use, and get transformative results. Alegra’s passion is guiding us back to enjoying and actually living life in the midst of our hectic full schedules. She likes tea, chocolate, and reading self-help books.


The People’s Touch – Eric Peoples


It’s perfect for…  everyone of all ages and those who wish to connect to their spirituality. They make a wonderful gift and a perfect addition to your everyday look.

The artist behind ThexPeoplesxTouch is a Black, Disabled Veteran. Eric creates one of a kind hand wrapped gemstones. Each individual work of art is custom designed to bring out the beauty of the stone while allowing the stones properties to flow uninhibited.

Vivacity Sportswear – Vivian Sayward

Website: https://vivacitysportswear.com

It’s perfect for… women who want to elegantly transition from active to work to lounge.

We are an inclusive sustainable sportswear line for women who want to look, feel and perform beautifully.  All of our product is designed and manufactured in San Diego.  We offer tops, bottoms (leggings, skorts, pants), jackets and dresses fabricated in beautiful, durable, technically advanced fabrics in misses and extended sizes. 

Sash Bag, founder Nichole MacDonald

Website: www.thesashbag.com

It’s perfect for… women on the go!

If your hands are full with a busy schedule, chances are, a handbag is the last thing you want to carry around. Sash bags are a stylish solution for women who want to be prepared for anything.

The Sash Bag is a comfortable and compact purse. The lightweight bag’s organized storage allows you to keep your belongings and accessories in arms reach. The patented stacked sling design sits flat on the side of your hip and evenly distributes the weight of the bag across your back. It contours to the shape of your spine to encourage good posture and back health. This purse’s ten pocket design has organized storage to hold and organize your belongings. Symmetric front and back pockets provide both anti-theft and easy to access compartments. Keep your day-to-day necessities at the tip of your fingers.