This year, more than ever, it’s important to support small businesses. We have a bold ask… consider refraining from “convenience” (doing your holiday shopping at Target or on Amazon) and go the extra mile to support a local entrepreneur!  

To make it easy for you to #shopsmall and have a BIG impact, we have curated a list of some amazing entrepreneurs, all proud Hera Hub members!


Cheeky Physique, founder Lucy Splichal

WebsiCheeky Physiquete: &

The ultimate beauty lifeline – Cheeky Physique is dedicated to results-driven skin and body care products for women who want to look their best with minimal effort.

Our Sublime Lips Manuka Honey Lip Plumper is a nourishing lip plumper that combines Manuka honey and advanced lip plumping ingredients. The best part? There’s none of that annoying stinging and irritation you feel from other lip plumpers. This hydrating lip treatment nourishes lips while offering instant and long-term volume enhancement.


Pet Portraits and Custom Oil Paintings, Kimball Willson


Looking last minute? Purchase a pet portrait gift certificate! Give a gift certificate for an oil painting that captures the expression of the recipient’s dog or cat… or any kind of pet they love!

LVegaO Art, owner Liz Vega


We capture meaningful moments through art. We use mixed media such as acrylics, watercolor, oils, and inks to bring uniqueness in every painting.

Darlene Katz Fine Art, owner Darlene Katz


Darlene Katz is an award-winning artist based in Southern California. Her original oil paintings may be seen locally in galleries, juried shows, and internationally in private and corporate collections. She paints all subjects and sizes and in addition, one of her specialties is commissioned work –wedding and family portraits, pet portraits, landscapes, etc. All she needs from you is a photo, or if you don’t have one, she can take photos for you. Paintings come framed and ready to hang. She also sells matted prints or prints on canvas in all sizes and cards. Please contact for availability, sizes, etc.


Domaine Santé, founder Emily Josenhans

Website: &

Ditch the powdery, processed stuff and choose GRAPE NECTAR: the better tasting, better for you option that is also good for the planet, grown here in California’s backyard. Developed by an expert nutritionist, all three blends of Grape Nectar have no added sugar and are a low glycemic sugar alternative that you can feel good about having in your kitchen. And did we mention the taste? Your pancakes will thank you when you taste Grape Nectar natural sugar alternative drizzled on them.

Domaine Santé, founder Emily Josenhans

Spa Girl Cocktails


Don’t forget the life of the party – Spa Girl Cocktails Ready To Drink Vodka Cocktails! Contact Rebecca to get Spa Girl delivered to you the same day – or use REBECCA40 for 40% off of online purchases.


Peace Ornaments, founder Vanessa Wilde


These unique ornaments are meant to inspire curiosity, great conversations and deeper friendships.  Let the people in your life know just how much you love and appreciate them with one of our 17 beautifully crafted, inclusive Peace Ornaments.

Dream Rock Book, Tammy Hawkins


An Illustrated Storybook and Crystal set to help children replace negative bedtime worries with positive thoughts and dreams.

Shaping Freedom, founder and CEO Lisane Basquiat


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Yoga is a practice that’s been around for thousands of years because it offers a holistic approach to overall well-being including: mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health. Our high-quality yoga mats can be used for yoga, workouts, floor exercises, meditation and play.

Aromatherapy by Tricia, Patricia Ambroziak


Handcrafted Bath & Body Products, Custom Aromatherapy Services & Cosmetic Formulation. Products made with care for people and the planet.

Forever Sunnie, owner and CEO Sunnie Hanes


Custom handmade gifts! Laser engraved wood and acrylic pieces. One of a kind custom designs. Specializing in custom engraved gift baskets and local business branding!


Leap to Success


The Leap to Your Best Life – Affirmations to Help You Soar is an empowering and inspiring gift that contains the words of our graduates that have helped them transform their lives.

Denise Albright


The company provides an alternative or compliment to therapy to reduce stress and anxiety while increasing confidence and motivation using Strengths-based Emotional Intelligence mentoring for ages 13+.From our simple, 18-month planners and weekly planning tools, to our budgeting guidebooks and uplifting gratitude journals, we create tools that take care of the person who takes care of you. Designed to help you tackle the biggest hurdles in the most effective and simple way, while also brightening your day.

Saavy Publishing, Royree Toomer


Simply Savvy Sistaz is a lifestyle brand dedicated to organizing, inspiring, and empowering women of color. We run our business on love, kindness, and joy to inspire others and creating products to empower you to live your best life! Our company was founded in 2020 by RoyRee Toomer. As a child who loved to read and write, she was never able to find stationery with images that resembled her. It is now her life’s passion to share the beauty of melanin in the world of stationery.


The People’s Touch, Eric Peoples


The artist behind ThexPeoplesxTouch is a Black, Disabled Veteran. Eric creates one of a kind hand wrapped gemstones. Each individual work of art is custom designed to bring out the beauty of the stone while allowing the stones properties to flow uninhibited.

Sash Bag, founder Nichole MacDonald


If your hands are full with a busy schedule, chances are, a handbag is the last thing you want to carry around. Sash bags are a stylish solution for women who want to be prepared for anything.

The Sash Bag is a comfortable and compact purse. The lightweight bag’s organized storage allows you to keep your belongings and accessories in arms reach. The patented stacked sling design sits flat on the side of your hip and evenly distributes the weight of the bag across your back. It contours to the shape of your spine to encourage good posture and back health. This purse’s ten pocket design has organized storage to hold and organize your belongings. Symmetric front and back pockets provide both anti-theft and easy to access compartments. Keep your day-to-day necessities at the tip of your fingers.


Cassidy’s Petcare Service


Cassidys Custom Pet Services works to support the Temecula/Murrieta community with customized services to help support owner & their pets individual needs to products from Home & Pet Collection that help cultivate a home to wag your tail about.