Melissa Lee interviewed DeAnna Nunez to ask in-depth questions about her experience with self-improvement. Ever feel overwhelmed by the idea of improving?  Tune in to hear self-improvement strategies DeAnna uses with her clients.

De’Anna “bring the Joy” Nunez is a seasoned Professional Hypnotist, Certified HNLP Practitioner, and Author who values championing others. She works with teams and individuals teaching her proprietary VitalMind Training System, a Heart Centered Performance framework that helps professionals take charge of their subconscious thinking habits, beliefs and narratives and connect to their inner leader.

She credits a thirst for growth as the powerful driver in her life knowing she wouldn’t have made it past twenty if she hadn’t made changes at a core level. Her story of transformation is proof that anyone can do it.

De’Anna is the triple threat of Hypnosis professionals having contracted over 1,000 Speaking and Edutainment presentations demonstrating the power of the mind. She’s appeared on CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC affiliates and the CW Network media, and conducted hundreds of private individual sessions helping people transform the way they see themselves and what they’re capable of.

It is her diverse experience that has garnered her a unique understanding of the mind and human behavior.

De’Anna’s past clients include Fortune 500 companies, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Knott’s Berry Farm, CSuite executives and every day individuals. Her favorite life accomplishments are fostering her children and clients dreams, running ultra-marathons, and contracting with the US Marine Corps at bases in America, Japan and Korea.