While online learning has been around for decades, the rise of small business owners using eCourses to extend their offerings really took off over the last two years.  Nothing like a global pandemic to accelerate things!

The digital revolution has provided unparalleled access to information, and empowered people to do go beyond traditional educational channels to learn new skills and trades.

We thought Digital Learning Day (#DLDay) was a perfect opportunity to highlight some of the digital educators in the Hera Hub community.

Jump-Start Your Business

This 8 week program is designed to help you bridge the gap between your skills and your passion while growing and evolving your business with other like-minded female entrepreneurs and leaders. You will gain clarity, confidence, and accountability while creating a plan to put your dreams into action!


It isn’t about changing your Enneagram type. It is about feeling good being who you are, which means feeling validated, less alone, and more self-accepting. These Enneagram tapping videos can help. The videos will help you to better understand your type and those of others. They’ll bring you a deep sense of inner peace, and they’ll plant self-acceptance suggestions into your subconscious. Change will feel so much easier. You’ll be working with your type instead of fighting it.

Inner Critic

Retrain your brain to turn your inner bully into a friend. A four-part guide to turn your harsh inner critic into your personal champion.

Financial Expert’s Guide to Completing FL-142 and FL-150 for a California Divorce

Preparing the financial disclosures for your California divorce case is a daunting task. You have to disclose, list, and value all marital and separate assets and debts. You also have to identify, organize, and present all income sources along with a budget representing your actual or estimated expenses or proposed needs. This course does not provide legal advice.It helps you present and understand everything regarding your financial life — your assets, debts, income and expenses.

Woman’s Guide to Financial Independence After Divorce

Discover the eight steps you need to follow to ensure you don’t outlive your money.

Steps to Startup

This platform will walk you through the 17 foundational steps of business building. The process includes…Customer discovery, Business model canvas, Naming, Licensing & permits, Banking & credit card set-up, Record keeping, Entity set-up, Tax set-up, Pricing, Branding, Marketing plan, Online presence, Contracts, Insurance, Team, Systems & organization, Raising start-up capital

Online Language Courses For Kids & Families | Little Language Adventures

Our curriculum provides you with activities that are fun & effective so that you & your child can view them from anywhere, anytime! Children learn while being entertained & challenged, while you learn alongside them. Each unit is self paced. You can complete one lesson a week, or one lesson a day, or whatever works best for your family!

The Straight Skinny | Divorce 101 | Clarity through Chaos

Divorce Coaching Program that provides a framework of the divorce process, guides you on how  to complete the legal forms and tips to help you make informed decisions with clarity at every stage of the divorce so you confidently grow From We to Me™.

The Teen Wisdom Inc. Virtual Certification Program

The Teen Wisdom® Inc. Virtual Certification Program is designed especially for women who have the desire and commitment to positively impact the lives of teen girls and enjoy a career they love.

Being Badass After 40: Choose Amazing

The Being Badass After 40 is for women almost 40 and beyond who want to boost their confidence, bust through their weight loss plateau, and eliminate bothersome symptoms, including brain fog in 5 weeks!