Hera Hub Members from from across the country talk about what COVID has taught them.  They share how they have pivoted and grown because of the pandemic.


Lucille Splichal – is the co-founder of Venupia R&D, a skin care development company co-founded with her fiancé, Jesse Jimenez. Their main brand is Cheeky Physique, which is a line of targeted body care products for women. Their products are sold online and through spas, salons, catalogs, and retail stores. They also work with international distributors, primarily in Asia.

Lisa Peterson – Founder of Moxified Consulting, a strategic marketing agency with the practical experience and business acumen to help you scale Marketing and achieve your business goals. As a fractional Chief Marketing Officer, Lisa provides brand development, messaging, customer research, and marketing planning for organizations ranging from small companies to large global conglomerates.

Tina Wilmott – Founder of Endurance Sportswire, the first press release distribution service that reaches thousands of reporters and industry insiders interested in the endurance sports market. An established speaker, Wilmott most recently served on the media panel at the inaugural Triathlon America Conference. She also conducts media training and workshops on generating impactful media coverage for endurance sports events.

Laytricia Towery – With a passion for both design and helping others realize their vision of a beautifully designed space, Laytricia combined the two and 918 Design Co. was born. Laytricia has her Bachelors of Science in Interior Design and has experience in Commercial Interior Design and over 20 years of experience helping homeowners transform their homes and spaces.

Denise Harris – As a corporate consultant with 20 years of senior leadership experience, she works closely with executive women who seek support in their professional development and have an undeniable desire to elevate their influence and maximize potential. Her clients include senior leaders from Fortune 500 companies, such as GlaxoSmithKline, Amazon, Mozilla & National Institutes of Health.

Diana Jennings – Personal Branding and Image Consultant, has a keen eye for uncovering the visual cues that affect a person’s brand message, and has been praised for helping clients enhance their credibility and increase their visibility. This has resulted in career advancing opportunities and improved relationships for numerous clients.