Reddit is a wonderful resource for entrepreneurs; for both collaborative learning and marketing opportunities. Reddit is pretty much the largest hive mind on the Internet. If there is a subject you are interested in, it’s almost guaranteed to be a discussion topic on reddit. But if it’s not there,  reddit gives you the freedom to create the community yourself!

If you’re not familiar with reddit here are a few recent statistics:

  • There are almost 755,000 subreddit communities
  • 4300 subreddits have been created since December 1, 2015 (495 created  yesterday alone!)
  • Reddit receives more than 200 million unique visitors per month
  • The top 10 subreddits have a combined almost 99 million subscribers
  • Reddit is the 9th most popular website in the United States

Sixteen Subreddits for Female Entrepreneurs

While marketing on reddit almost requires its own separate strategy and is not something business owners should just “jump into,” anyone can benefit from subscribing to (or merely browsing) the various topic-specific subreddits. Since small business owners wear so many hats within their business, reddit is a go-to space for asking questions about specific areas of business that you may not be familiar with, like accounting or supply chains. Reddit is also a data goldmine and a source for content ideas, gaging sentiment, monitoring trends and finding collaborators.

Here are 16 subreddits, some large some small, for entrepreneurs:
















Since running a business can take a lot of mental energy, carving time for relaxation, rejuvenation and  creativity is important for maintaining work-life balance. Reddit can help there, too with subs for books, movies and even knitting.

Before you sign up for your reddit account, you need to familiarize yourself with the language, culture and process of using reddit. You also have to read the rules of any subreddit you want to subscribe to as the moderators’ rules for posting differ for each sub. Start with these posts from Mashable and reddit’s own 101 Guide .

Are you using reddit? Let us know what subs you subscribe to and what value you’re getting from them.