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No matter what type of “coach” you are or the stage of business you are in, there is a potential for strategic partnerships to improve your business. 

First, we will run through the various types of strategic partnerships, giving you a chance to brainstorm how your services could benefit others’ businesses. Next, we will take turns sharing the different ways that you could benefit from and/or provide benefit to another coaching business. We will also be sharing a working Google doc that you can complete during the meeting that will “live” in our Sub-Hub FB group and serve as a resource moving forward!

Whether you have a brilliant partnership/referral idea or are just curious about how this could fit into your existing business, join us!! 


*This event is open to any Hera Hub member nationwide who considers herself a “coach” and works with individuals in a coaching, guidance, leadership, or consulting capacity.*
 Common challenges exist regardless of what type of coach you are, including client acquisition, intake, and management; marketing; bookkeeping; workshop hosting; business development, and more.
 **We also have a Global Coaches Sub-Hub Facebook group in which you can ask questions, share resources, and get to know the other coaches: facebook.com/groups/coachessubhub. New members always welcome!

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