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LinkedIn Lead Generation Checklist: What Your Should Be Doing Everyday w/ Julieta Duestua

Keeping in line with our Global Marketing Challenge, this Business Booster will guide you in building awareness and generating higher quality leads with LinkedIn. 

A successful lead generation campaign should be fully integrated with your go-to-market strategy and include well-defined goals and objectives. LinkedIn is an incredible tool to reach those goals.

Whether you are a heavy LinkedIn user or stop by occasionally at the platform to see what’s up, you can add more value to your B2B or B2C lead generation efforts if you follow a system every day to connect with your ideal customer.

Julieta will be providing a concrete checklist that you can follow every day on LinkedIn. Following this list will help you to:
– Connect with your ideal clients
– Post what will resonate with your audience
– Make sure you are engaging with the right connections for your business

Julieta will also provide guidance on how to search for your ideal client on LinkedIn.

Julieta is a Marketer focused on Social Selling and Lead Generation, training Sales Teams and Solopreneurs on how to leverage their networks using the best tools LinkedIn has to offer. She combines her marketing training activities with her work as a chef and culinary instructor, helping people change food preferences, resolving food cravings and addictions, to feel in control of their health, lose excess weight, and reverse chronic disease. Connect with her at https://www.linkedin.com/in/julieta-deustua/.


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