This is a guest article by Maggy Sterner – a branding and business coach based in Portland, Oregon. 

When was the last time you “visited” your money? How often do you do the math, track what you spent, know what you earned, check in to see how it’s all shaking out?

Yeah, me neither, until the cold, wet, fish of reality about my finances smacked me upside my bank account in 2022.

I saw in shocking detail the erroneous beliefs I had about money and the devastating impact they were having on my business – and let’s be honest, my life, too.

Everything is connected. May my words be a cautionary tale for you, my friend.

Beliefs comes in many flavors

I’ve been in business as a branding coach, elevator pitch coach, and business coach for nearly eight years. I’ve done well. Fine. Okay.

What I didn’t fully comprehend until 2022 was the essence of my “money story” or “money beliefs.” We all have them.

Some beliefs support us (“I believe in my ability to magically help people find truthful words to talk about what they do so they can attract perfect clients.”).

Some beliefs are what I call showstoppers, but not in the good way (“I believe I have to work nonstop, all the time, and focus all my energy on my business to succeed”).

I started working with a new coach a few months ago and we looked at different life areas where my shit was out of whack, as the experts say.

That’s when I saw my money story in all its inglorious splendor.

Name it to tame it

He asked me to write down all the things I believed about money. My list included things like:

“I will always be okay and have enough money.”

“It doesn’t matter if I track my finances, it will all work out.”

“I can spend as much as I want whenever I want to and it will always be fine.”

There it was. The Terrible Trifecta: “Fine,” “okay,” “enough.” I saw the core of my money story. Ow.

Then I reframed my beliefs and rewrote my money story. He told me to tell people my old money story and my new one. Here goes:

My old money story: “It’ll all turn out. I don’t have to pay attention to my money.”

My new money story: “When I pay attention to my money, it creates the opportunity for peace of mind, ease, abundance, fun, integrity, and generosity.”

I’ve said that every day since I uncovered it and even now, writing it down, I could feel my heart open up.

That’s the power of knowing the difference between erroneous beliefs, the made-up stories, and the conjured-out-of-thin-air laws and rules that keep us in energetic chains and the spaciousness that comes from getting our head on straight about our story.

An insight and invitation

Here’s a truth I discovered: To create a new financial reality, we must first create a new reality in our brain. I believe words guide the way.

Try this: Write down everything you believe about money. Let ‘er rip.

What’s the story in there? I promise you’ll see it.

Then go hang out with your money. Do some math with it. No judgment, just a hang and a little math.

The big-ass truth I discovered when I did that? My money loves and supports me when I give it attention.

To create a love/love relationship with money, say what you believe now, then go write the story you really want to live.

Maggy Sterner is a branding coach, elevator pitch coach, and business coach. She helps entrepreneurs learn how to articulate what they do so they attract their ideal clients and earn consistent income.

Maggy believes when you have clarity about what you offer, who you serve, and simple words to say about it, you’ll feel confident (and excited!) about marketing.

Instagram: @maggysterner.brandcoach