Dr. Cindy Lin is the founder of the social entrepreneurial company HOVE Social Good Intelligence. As a mission-to-action lifestyle and technology company, HOVE works to connect people to purchasing with purpose and analyzes data strategically by examining environmental, health and consumer action data together. HOVE highlights everyday products from Give Back companies who are making a positive impact on the world and then calculates their social impact footprint.

Before founding HOVE, Dr. Lin achieved her dream of working at the US Environmental Protection Agency and while there, engaged in international and national water protection projects and sweeping environmental policy changes. This includes serving as the Water Adviser at the US Embassy in Beijing, China. Dr. Lin is an avid ecologist, environmental scientist and engineer by training. She received her doctorate (D.Env.) in Environmental Science and Engineering, M.S. in Environmental Chemistry and B.S. in Biology, all from UCLA.

Website: www.hovesocialgood.com and www.hovedata.com
Twitter: @hove2it

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