August 15th is an important day at Hera Hub.  It’s not only our 10th anniversary it’s also National Relaxation Day!  This year the day falls on a Sunday, which is a perfect day to slow down and unwind. It’s a day to focus on taking care of ourselves and take a moment to relax.

The hustle and bustle of the daily grind leaves most of us on the verge of burnout, and there just never seems to be enough time to just kick back and relax. Those with a busy schedule look forward to Relaxation Day, even if it’s just to get some headspace.

Taking time to recuperate and rejuvenate our tired minds and bodies may help prevent many health risks, too. Most doctors will agree that finding ways to relax and finding ways to reduce stress will improve overall health.

Learn what our founder, Felena Hanson, likes to do to relax…

We asked our members… how do you like to relax?  Here is what some of them said!

Katherine Wichmann Zacharias – “massages, facials, yoga, beach or the Oceanside harbor”

Hadley Wood – “Spa day or beach walk”

Sara Clark-Williams – “Massage, wine on my patio staring at the sky, scenic drive, stroll on the beach”

Rachel Alexandria – “Beach”

Gabriela Mota – “Massage, a glass of wine, breathing exercises”

Dawn Ressel – “Meditation, nature walks, going to the ocean, yoga”

Violet Rainwater – “Yoga, hiking in nature, reading a book, meditation and a drive through the mountains”

Natalia Tafur Coan – “A good walk or run (depending on what’s going on) and some great music with me, myself and I”

Karen Van Dyke – “Massage”

Kathryn Evans Nuñez – “Dark bedroom and a chick flick”

Maddie Mackey – “Massage”

Rachel Kowalski – “Swimming out in the open ocean”

Laurie Itkin – “escape into physical competition such as a squash or pickleball match and massage”

Amanda Watts Hirko – “Wine and chocolate”

Vanessa Elle Wilde – “Looking at the night sky”