Felena Hanson interviews long-time entrepreneur, Vivian Sayward – founder of Vivacity Sportswear and Vivacity Advantage. Vivian will share best practices on launching an apparel or accessories business. 

Vivian is passionate about helping others. When she realized how many businesses need support and fresh starts in times of economic upheaval and constant market changes, Vivian decided to launch Vivacity Advantage.  Utilizing her experience along with her team of experts, Vivian wants to offer clear and achievable solutions for today’s modern businesses.

Vivian is an innovative entrepreneur and people connector with in-depth experience in business development, marketing, finance and start-ups.

She has launched global projects and programs across various industries, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, manufacturing, fashion and beauty.  Her strong business acumen and ability to collect, analyze and communicate complex data for actionable business strategies have helped her lead successful programs in her corporate career as well as launching Vivacity Sportswear, a women’s inclusive lifestyle brand based in San Diego, California.

Vivian volunteers time and resources to educational and healthcare related foundations including Pro Kids/First Tee of San Diego, of which she serves on the board.  She participates on the small business advocacy council for the National Retail Federation and serves as a business mentor for various undergraduate business incubation programs.