Covid-19 has had a huge impact on everything we once saw as normal. In honor of National Workaholics Day (July 5th), Julia Westfall & Melissa Lee discuss how the last two years have changed the status of being a “workaholic”, their personal experiences with the shift, why grace is important, and the importance of physical activity. 

For many, Covid radically changed how, when, and where we work.  For some it’s been a wake-up call – an opportunity to think about work/life balance differently.  But for others, who continue to work remotely, separating work and life has been challenging.  Every phone ding and laptop chirp pulls us back in.  This creates longer work hours, thus the feeling of never being able to take a break. Forbes described the problem of workaholicism as being “the addiction of this century”.

Julia Westfall is the founder and CEO of Hera Hub DC, a professional work and meeting space for women business owners in the Washington DC Metro area. Julia’s passion for supporting women business owners comes from her 20+ years working with small businesses, helping them manage their financial and HR needs. She is focused on building a vibrant community and network of women in business that fosters collaboration and supports the launch and growth of their businesses. Through her work as the Hera Hub DC founder, she supports organizations focused on entrepreneurship and women in business.

Melissa Lee is the Community Director of Hera Hub Sorrento Valley. With a unique, integrative studies degree in the creative process and 10 years experience in teaching and education management, she is now an entrepreneur – learning to use business as a force for good. Beyond taking deep inspiration from the empowered entrepreneurs of the Hera Hub community, Melissa feels at home as a connector, resource, and cheerleader for the members and their business needs.