Demystifying SEO And Strategies That Really Work In 2015

SEO-Content-Marketing-BlogSearch engine optimization, also called SEO, can be elusive and somewhat like a good mystery novel that has numerous twists and turns. It can get very complicated at times, even for a seasoned SEO specialist, because every website and industry is different and may require a different approach.
It doesn’t help that the major search engines, like Google, are ever-vigilant about reducing spam which can drive even the best SEO experts into periods of frustration.
In this article I will dispel 4 common myths as well as share SEO tips that are working now. First, let me address what search engine optimization is, then I can address what it isn’t.

What is SEO?

SEO is a process that improves a website’s search engine visibility, which results in increasing a site’s targeted traffic and leads. It is an ongoing process, it is not a one and done form of marketing. There are two parts to SEO and BOTH are equality important to improving a websites rankings.

• On-page SEO is your website content, title and Meta descriptions. A website’s on-page content tells the search engines what a site is about and where to place it in the searches. I like to compare this part of the process to a car engine. In order for a car to run at optimal performance, it has to be maintained on a regular basis.

• Off-page SEO is backlink building. These are incoming links from other websites. Higher quality links will push a site up higher in the searches. Think of it in terms of gasoline, in order for an engine to run it needs gas. The higher grade the gas is, the better the engine will run.

4 SEO Myths Busted MythBusters Style

1) SEO is Dead
BUSTED: As long there are search engines there will always be SEO.
This rumor set fire to the internet shortly after Google released the Panda and Penguin algorithms. These changes even forced some SEO’s to close their doors. Though the practices of the past may be dead, SEO is still very much alive and is now more than ever critical to increasing a websites visibility.

2) SEO is Cheap
BUSTED: SEO USED to be cheap.
Due to the creation of Penguin and Panda, as well as the frequent updates, SEO now requires a specialized skill set. There are so many moving parts that have to be tracked and maintained in order to increase a website’s rankings. It now takes a great deal of time, effort and skill to get good SEO results.

3) Backlinks are more Important than Content
BUSTED: Good SEO starts with quality content
Building massive backlinks to a website may have worked pre-Penguin, but it’s no longer a viable link building strategy. All effective SEO strategies start with high quality content that is relevant to the targeted keywords.

4) Keywords don’t matter
BUSTED: The search engines still run on keywords.
Though it is true that Google is no longer matching the keywords that a user types into the search engine to the keywords that are on a website, it is now trying to understand the intent behind the keywords that user’s type in the search engine so it can match that intent to relevant, high-quality content.

SEO-Search-Engine-OptimizationUnderstanding what SEO is and how it works, will help you produce more effective results. Shift your focus from just ranking your website to the overall user experience. The better their experience with finding and using your site, the more effective your SEO will be.


lisaLisa W Boyle is an innovative SEO consultant, Internet Marketing strategist and the Founder/Owner of Paradigm Shift SEO. By using her knowledge and experience she been able to assist businesses with increasing their online search engine visibility, lead generation and revenue. Lisa has a deep passion for business, internet marketing, helping businesses increase their market share as well as the know how to translate that passion into lead generation and website conversion for her clients.

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