This piece was written in celebration of National Business Etiquette Week, taking place June 7-11, 2015. Guest contributor Elaine Swann is a nationally recognized lifestyle and etiquette expert, as well as a member of Hera Hub Carlsbad.We are at the halfway point in our year, so this is a great time to brush up on your business manners. As an etiquette coach and consultant, the thing I state most often is ‘People do business with people they like.’ If you want to excel in business it is vital to use good manners.

male-two-females-workingGood manners should really be a lifestyle, something that comes naturally. This only comes by practice. After that it’s smooth sailing. Good manners should be part of who you are on a daily basis, especially in business. I’ve compiled a quick list of some really simple points to remember whenever you are in a business setting. It’s really not rocket science and it doesn’t take much. This is really about leaving a lasting positive impression.


7 Simple Business Etiquette Resources to Live By:
1. With social kisses, your lips should not touch anyone’s face. Appropriate kisses are cheek to cheek, or air to air.

2. In any given situation, whether it’s business or personal, if you have to wonder if a hug is appropriate, then it probably is not.

3. At businesses functions, always set alcoholic beverage consumption at a two-drink maximum. If necessary, nurse your glass throughout the time you are there.

4. Do not reach over a dining table to shake hands. Instead, greet the person and include a slight nod and polite smile.

5. When networking, use savvy exit lines to end a conversation. “Nice talking to you. I’m going to mingle a little more,” or “It was a pleasure to meet you. I see someone else I’d like to say hello to” are good lines to use.

6. Don’t treat your business cards like flyers, stuffing one in just everyone’s hand. Establish a rapport with the individual first, then “exchange cards” afterward.

7. Along similar lines, if you see people exchanging cards, don’t just stick your hand in the mix asking for their card. Business cards are an exchange of personal information; therefore, you should make a personal connection with them first before requesting a card.

people-networkingYour goal should be to set the tone for a pleasant encounter when people come in contact with you. I invite you to take each one of the 7 tips and commit them to memory for the next 7 days. Adding these simple key points to your regular behavior will help you fuse business with good manners which will reward you with lots of success.


Elaine SwannElaine Swann is one of the leading and most nationally recognized lifestyle and etiquette experts in the country. An authority on etiquette and lifestyle practices, and a celebrated speaker, Elaine’s advice has been called upon by the TODAY Show, CNN Headline News, the STYLE Network, ABC, NBC, CBS, The CW and FOX. Elaine hosts her regularly scheduled etiquette classes for kids, teen and adults at Hera Hub in Carlsbad. Visit for free etiquette advice and tips.