EmbraceYourGeeknessDay is a day to recognize one’s obsession with a certain topic. A geek is defined as someone who is completely obsessed with one or more subjects and can go on speaking about it for hours altogether. To help further the geeky conversation, we asked co-founder of TechOutfitters to share some tips for small businesses, who aren’t quite as geeky, various ways they can get by without a full tech department.  

Remember when companies provided employees with an office, a company-owned computer, a smartphone, and, most importantly, an IT guy to make everything work seamlessly? This is not the world of today. Today, people need to maintain their electronics without the support of a structured IT department.

The workforce has gone mobile, office walls have come down and open workspaces like Hera Hub, the spa-inspired coworking space for women, have risen as the new norm. Today’s workforce is more mobile than ever and heavily dependent on electronic devices to get the job done.

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Get By Without An It Guy - Tech Outfitters

After 17 years in a traditional corporate world, two Qualcomm business women and two lawyers decided to create something to fill the tech gap in the new business landscape. TechOutfitters is more than a traditional store, as it provides three industries under one roof:

  1. Personal computer and phone repair and support
  2. Beautifully crafted coffee and teas
  3. Consumer electronics for purchase

This local boutique store offers unique and valuable products that optimize busy lives with hands-on solutions. Products are on display, so you can get to know them before you decide to buy. TechOutfitters also understands the needs of mobile workers, by having certified technicians that consult with customers.

Here are 5 recommended tips to keep your devices working well:

Only download from trusted websites and services. Be very selective with sharing your location, access to contacts and other privacy requests. Avoid unsecured, public wifi networks.

Have an external hard drive or a cloud-based back-up. Scheduling routine backups can protect you from the unexpected. Always keep a few months’ worth of retrievable backup. Download and install CrashPlan, it is free for most students.

Change your password frequently to keep personal information safe and secure. Use strong passwords (combination of numbers, letters, and special characters). Create a unique password for each account. LastPass can manage all of your passwords for you—and it’s free.

Keep all of your files well organized and protect sensitive data. Remove sensitive data files from your hard drive, especially when recycling or repurposing your mobile devices and computers.

Keep your computer in tip-top shape with regular maintenance and updates. Turn on automatic updates: MacWindows.

TechOutfitters was brought to life in Point Loma in September 2016. The vision is to create a scalable model to support the expanding mobile workforce. A licensing model is underway to allow a structured and consistent level of service across all new locations. In the near future, TechOutfitters will be expanding to locations that are servicing this mobile workforce, such as co-working spaces, airports, and hotels.

How are you embracing your inner geek today?

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Get By Without an IT Guy

Susan Schedel combines a sophisticated understanding of the global marketplace with a track record of leading technology customers to exponential sales growth. Her experience ranges from start-ups to billion dollar companies. She is a decisive leader and mentor, focused on brand development, go-to-market execution and profitability. Susan lives life to its fullest, enjoying time with her family, yoga, and international travels.

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