5 Simple Ways to Bring Your About Page to Life - Image 1 - Anne McColl

Come on, let’s admit it. You would rather do just about anything than write your about page. (Hey, even taxes are sounding pretty good at this point.)

But don’t just say, “Hey, I’m so and so and I’m an accountant and I love cupcakes.” Your about page is one of your most visited pages on your site. This is the time to make a great impression.

Here are a few simple tips to make your about page more effective. (And effective means more leads, customers, votes, or whatever you’re looking for.)

Figure out who your about page is really about.


5 Simple Ways to Bring Your About Page to Life - Image 2 - Anne McColl


Here’s the most important piece of advice I can give you: your about page about them—your customers. That’s right. Your about page isn’t about you. Write it from their perspective. What problem do they have? How will your product or service help them?

Don’t resort to B.S. (That’ Business Speak.)

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So many people think they have to sound “professional.” So they whip out all the big words they think they should use: synergy, optimize, best-in-class, world-class, core competency, and my favorite—due diligence. Just try to write like you talk. (And yes, if you’re a lawyer, you have an excuse to actually use due diligence in a sentence.) Another tip: watch those industry acronyms. Does everyone (think your new potential client) know what CSS, FPO, and CMYK stand for?

You don’t have to include your entire life story.


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Or your entire work history for the matter. Instead, you can highlight the experiences and jobs that support the direction you are going in today or what type of work you want to be doing more of. Think journey, not resume.

You can mention your cupcake obsession.

5 Simple Ways to Bring Your About Page to Life - Anne McColl

Your about page is the place to talk about these things. After all, people like to do business with people they know and trust. When I’m writing about pages for clients, I often include a blurb at the end: when I’m not in the office you can find me ____ and ______.  So go ahead, share your favorite sport, where you go on your family vacations, or the latest television show that you’re obsessed about. Just keep it brief, remember this is an about page, not an about novel.

The call to action: keep it simple.

5 Simple Ways to Bring Your About Page to Life - Anne McColl


What do you want your reader to do? Pick up the phone? Subscribe to your newsletter? Check out your case studies? Like your Facebook page? Follow you on Instagram? Choose one call to action to be more effective.

Remember, your about page can evolve. It can change as you develop your own branded language.

Happy Writing! 🙂

Anne McColl is a copywriter who helps brands, startups, and organizations share their stories at AnneMcColl.com.

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