Reflections & Gratitude

December is a time of reflection on the past year as well as planning and creating for what we want and need for the future. As we reflect on this past year here at Hera Hub Phoenix, we are filled with gratitude for the community around us. This year we experienced a growth of 100% in usage of our beautiful space!! Isn’t that amazing! We receive almost 150 inquiries a month from women all across the state of Arizona asking for support and also wondering when will we expand to other locations. Clearly, we’ve seen there is a deep need for space and support for women business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who are looking for a space to focus, be productive, and be in connection with like-minded collaborative individuals, aspiring for greater and better things!

Other highlights for the year include:

  • Shatha Barbour being awarded the Athena VOS Leadership Award as well as the Women’s Enterprise Foundation Award.
  • We created a collaborative partnership with Aha to Exit to provide access to an accelerator platform and hands-on support for ideation and growth.
  • Shatha and Hera Hub Phoenix were featured in interviews, articles, and podcasts from the Phoenix Bus. Journal, Know Book Phx, and numerous podcasts throughout the year, locally and nationally.
  • We hosted an Inaugural Women’s Resource Day with WBEC-West and Nawbo as well as collaborations on workshops and support from numerous community partners and advocates.
  • Monthly Diversity & Inclusion workshops and series were put on to continue our commitment and support for inclusion within Phoenix!
  • Two startups were sent to the Women’s Venture Summit in San Diego and our members being featured and highlighted for their ideas, growth, and success in the work they do locally and nationally!

We look forward to continuing and expanding our work for 2020 with all of you! We recently cleared and re-set our intentions for the hub (pic above), and encourage everyone to do the same.