How many times do you hear the expression, “women wear many hats”.  Or, “lets change our hat and put on our (analytical, leadership, mentoring, parenting, etc) hat on”?  Well, why hats? I don’t know about you, but I have very few hats that I actually own.  But shoes…yes, I have many shoes!!  Women have a plethora of all kinds of shoes!  So, why don’t we make this analogy more realistic for women?

Yes, I know the hat is figurative and imaginative to allow us to change our perspective for even a short time.  But-this concept was irking me while I was attending one of many speaker luncheons focused on women business leaders.  The speaker was actually wonderful but when she told us to “switch hats”, my brain started going off on a tangent of what is up with the hats? Then, I thought of all the shoes I have, all the different types of shoes, and how we women are a bit obsessed with shoes.  I have running shoes on days that I feel like I need to catch up to my dreams.  I have stilletos when I’m just feeling sassy. I have crossfit shoes when I’m feeling powerful and need to push the limits to become even stronger.  I have my ballet flats when I’m feeling graceful and playful.  I have my hiking shoes when I’m ready to lose myself in nature and climb the highest peaks to see a different perspective.  I have my animal/snakeskin printed heels when I’m just feeling like I need to get in touch with my animal gut instincts. I have my red patent pumps for times I want to just kick some ass with my matching red lipstick.  Then, I have my chucks for days when I want to just kick back and write a blog while drinking my freshly roasted coffee from my backyard.  And then, there are my flip flops because, well just because we live in Phoenix and everyone wears flip flops everywhere, all year round.

As a business owner, wife and mother of three kids I’m constantly juggling trying to keep not just all of my own appointments but also all of my family’s commitments.  So, that means I have a few things handy in my car to help me with my crazy daily schedule. Multiple hats are not included.  But shoes,  yes!  On any given day, you’ll likely find a pair of professional heels for my business meetings, but also flats or flip flops because God knows I can’t walk around all day in heels or show up to my daughter’s soccer practice in them!  You’ll also likely find my crossfit and/or running shoes in case I can cram a workout into my day in between meetings and child pick-ups and drop-offs.  So yes, we women wear multiple shoes on any given day!

And then there are days like this one pictured where you are running out the door before daybreak to catch an amazing sunrise hike, only to realize when you got to your destination the shoes you threw in the car just didn’t match.  Mismatched shoes for mismatched brain waves.  But there are also days where I’m heading out to a workout yet have to take a call to negotiate a deal and just need a little power boost to get me through the conversation—so yes, you can multi-task between crossfit and power heels.  This is the life of so many women. Powering through, multi-tasking, juggling, and just getting things done.  Sometimes gracefully, sometimes not but all our shoes add color and REAL perspective to our lives. #bosslady #womeninbusiness #entrepreneurlife #yesphx #empowerphxx #werk #justforfun #fullbeyonce #slay #shoes