Introducing Velvet Blue….

The color of the ocean, wave upon wave.  A color that relaxes, invites and soothes.  A texture that is soft, plush, and comforting.  A place to sit, reflect, and share your thoughts, experiences, and your journey in life.  This is our Velvet Blue sofa, housed inside Hera Hub Phoenix.  A place surrounded by beautiful art, the sound of water trickling and soft music playing in the background.  All of this sets the stage of what we are creating in this space designed by women, for women. It is a space that is intentional in all its details in creation and in the makeup of its soul.  Velvet Blue has taken the center stage of Hera Hub Phoenix. It’s a place to go to find comfort and to find inspiration. Already within the past 3 months, it has absorbed the stories of countless women that have shared their journeys and their inspiration to others around.  It’s a place of public forum and discussion, as well as deep and personal conversations. 

It has its own identity, which is why we’ve dedicated a whole blog to it, but we wanted to re-introduce her to you and explain the background. It was chosen intentionally to provide comfort and support, but also a piece to represent the inner beauty of women. The color of the waves of the ocean, because women have many deep layers and power in the strength of those waves. The velvet to remind women of their inner beauty and their self-worth, as they are, wherever they are.  This is a place to find what you’ve been looking for and what you’ve always wanted to create.  Visit Velvet Blue, it’s calling your name softly, let her envelop you.  You are hearing her through the stories of other women past, present, and future.


….She is just the beginning.