Shatha Barbour talks with Aram Chavez, the founder of Aha to Exit, about what gave them each the courage to be an entrepreneur.

Shatha says, “For me, what gave me the courage to really pursue entrepreneurship is seeing a gap in the system that I passionately just wanted to fill. And at that time I didn’t see it as courage, I just saw it as, “Somebody needs to do this and I’m passionate about this, so I’m going to go ahead and take a stab at it.”

Aram says, “For myself, I can tell you that it’s always been in me to try to invent and innovate, I just never knew how. I never understood the path, so I’ve had a lot of failures, but that’s helped to define me today. And I think that in this day and age, you now have to have at least two or three sources of income outside of a day job. So it’s almost not even what’s in you as it is, this is what has to happen.”