In this interview, Shatha Barbour, Founder of Hera Hub Phoenix talks with Aram Chavez, the founder of Aha To Exit about Entrepreneurship and what has surprised them the most in their journeys.

Shatha says, “For me, coming from that corporate structure where you know what your role is, you have this like career trajectory and you’re just following these footsteps, what surprised me the most was just how much you have to take on as an entrepreneur. I thought my job reporting to some senior executives in a Fortune 500 company was difficult, but then being in that CEO role when you’re just starting up and trying to grow was just so surprising. The intricacies of having to deal with marketing and finance and operations when you’re used to having, well, let me talk to the sales team, let me talk to the finance guy. Let me talk to the marketing people and we pull all this information and then you go, and it was a big wake up call.”

Aram chimes in, “And you’re wearing all the hats. Right?”

“Yes, exactly,” states Shatha.

Aram says, “I think for myself, one of the biggest surprises is why more people don’t do it. I have so many people that I know, and I think you guys do too, that say this is my dream and they talk about it and you feel the passion, but they don’t execute to it. And that to me is one of the biggest surprises that I have seen is people that have dreams that don’t chase them. They love talking about it. I mean, that’s probably the biggest surprise and it’s a disappointment to be honest with you, that there are so many of us that have these dreams that don’t go forward with them. And a lot of that has to do with, I think, the corporate culture where you feel comfortable in your career and you don’t want to take any additional risks. Or maybe it’s that you don’t know the next step what to do and so for myself, I think the biggest surprise is that people just don’t chase their own dream.”