The month of December is a definitely a jam-packed month filled with events, as everyone tries to squeeze in year end meetings, holiday parties and socials. However, it is also a great time to close the year viewing and supporting the impact social entrepreneurs are having in Arizona and also the world. If you want to talk about taking on a BIG Game in life, Demo Day is it this month!

Seed Spot Demo Day was a night filled with entrepreneurial inspiration and power!  A cohort of 14 entrepreneurs pitched their ideas of how they will contribute to changing people and communities locally and globally through their businesses.  This was actually my first time attending Demo Day (yeah, I know!). I was impressed and inspired not only by the ideas presented but also by the makeup of the cohort.  The group of 14 represented a complete cross-section of society in terms of diversity–something that could not have been overlooked on stage and even in the audience.  In fact, Seed Spot stated in their presentation what we are noticing to be the trend nationwide in entrepreneurship: even in their cohorts, 49% of them are women and 45% of them are minorities.  Women are set to launch businesses in greater numbers–in fact 2.5 times greater than men, with majority growth being among the Latina and African-American community.

We are poised to see a great shift in the business outlook of this country as women have greater purchasing power, greater start up rates, and as Seed Spot represented, a passion for making a difference not only for their immediate, local communities but for the world!  Can’t wait to see more great success stories coming out of Phoenix.  I keep telling friends, there is something magical taking place in Phoenix in so many ways, and I can’t wait to contribute to this magical ecosystem by bringing Hera Hub here. Upwards and Onwards!  #yesPhx #MagicInPhoenix