Sandra Abbey is a small business strategy and results consultant. Solo-entrepreneurs and Independent Business Reps hire her to help them tame the up and down roller coaster adventure of owning a small business. Most solo-entrepreneurs went into business because they are passionate about the programs, products, or services they offer, yet they find themselves working more hours than ever before and often bringing in less money.
They end up feeling overwhelmed, burned out, and unfulfilled – sometimes just barely able to make ends meet. Sandra’s Business Adventure Mastery programs focus on attracting more ideal clients, leveraging the solo-entrepreneur’s precious time, and creating a supportive accountability community. She focuses on getting real, measurable results like more clients and increased revenue, all within a supportive accountability community.

You may want to ask Sandra questions related to:

How do I discover my ideal client niche?
How can I create and use a consistent message that is client attractive?
How should I package and value my programs, services, or products?
What are the best ways to find more ideal clients based on my specific business?
How can I leverage my time and use it more strategically?
Why am I not seeing tangible results from all my hard work?
Why do I need a strategic action plan, and what is involved in creating one?



Every Tuesday from 1-3 except the 2nd Tuesday of every month