Have you ever sat across from someone you’ve just met over a cup of coffee and couldn’t stop talking to them? You didn’t want that conversation to end as you kept refilling your coffee? You wanted to learn more and more about them?  You leave feeling, wait, I still have more questions to ask! You leave feeling on a high, like your whole world was lifted, enlightened, encompassing you in love and beauty as you smile your way to your car.  This isn’t a romantic encounter with someone. This is just a meeting with a potential business prospect, mentor, ally, and friend.  I have this pleasure all the time.  Often times, I wonder how lucky I am to have these opportunities to meet these ahh-mazing women and experience these highs. I leave wondering what makes this so special?  Why do I find this person so beautiful? What is beauty anyways? Then I realize, #realbeauty is the soul. It is that magic that happens when souls connect. You can’t stop gazing at that person and you find them beautiful because their soul is beautiful, their contribution to the world is beautiful, their every word and action lends them to beauty.  Then, when you connect and introduce two souls like this, sparks fly like a chemical reaction.  Collaboration happens, Innovation happens, Community happens.  This is what #realbeauty looks like. I am not a fashion blogger or a makeup blogger or a millennial hipster or #Mipster. I am a mother of three, who tries to shield her daughters from the pressures of makeup and fashion in social media. I am an American Syrian Muslim Immigrant who is trying to bring people together through love. I am just about to turn 40 and don’t have time for makeup and fashion while I take on the world and lead through change. AND, I am an entrepreneur who is launching a business looking for #realbeauty through the souls.  I meet these ahh-mazing women to create a women’s coworking space for women business owners & entrepreneurs in order to bring these souls together in a safe space environment.  What I live for is this kind of beauty: bringing beautiful souls together and letting magic happen. When souls collide, sparks fly, and beauty emanates. This is #RealBeauty.