Many of you know that Hera Hub Phoenix has been in the works for almost 2 yrs and I’m so excited to say we are officially open!  We opened Monday, April 2nd (in the Biltmore area off Hwy 51/Highland ave) to an amazing welcoming from the community at large.  We have a number of founding members and are looking to grow and open this beautiful and professional spa-inspired space for women. I’ll be posting more about my journey the past 2 years and the really amazing women we have here in the Valley. This space is turning into a landing space for women of all industries and backgrounds, as well as a launching pad for those growing their businesses and organizations.  All in all, I envision this space to be a welcoming space that truly harnesses the power of collaboration and leadership to create a greater impact on our local economy fiscally as well as all the benefits that this creates in all spheres of our growing ecosystem.  While Hera Hub is not exclusive to women, we have created a zone that is female-focused, giving the spa-inspired and classy ambiance that both men and women appreciate as well as the community to help ensure everyone thrives together!

To give you a peek into our space, here are a few pictures of our opening week as well as visitors to our space.  Not only is it a co-working and meeting rooms space, but also a great backdrop for videos, interviews, and branding photos!  Welcome, welcome!  I look forward to meeting everyone at the hub!