Hera Hub Phoenix will be launching at the Park One building complex at 2111 Highland St, Ste 240!! It is located behind/across the street from the Town/Country shopping center, right next to the Half Moon Cafe. This garden-style building perfectly compliments our spa-inspired vision of the space, bridging the outdoor-inward!  We’ll have access to a beautiful outdoor garden area to work from, to collaborate with others or simply to take a brisque walk to recharge your creativity among a natural environment. Moreover, we will also have access to plenty of conference rooms, a large training room, and indoor cafe run by Sami-a small business owner who has served healthy fare in the building for over 15 yrs.






We’re also super excited about the location and it’s accessibility to not only highway 51 but also the many amenities within the building as well as that corridor.  Feel free to check out one of the bikes and head across the street! We are next to Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Fry’s, Biltmore Yoga Studio, Orangetheory, Primp and Blow, Nekter, and many more restaurants and cafes. We’re hoping these amenities will also help simplify and streamline the already busy life of women business owners and entrepreneurs!

We are taking holds on the few offices we have available and designated desks!  Call us to schedule a hard hat tour to see the vision of the space and become a founding member!



Call us at 480.433.2440 or reach out to shatha@herahub.com We will be opening early 2018!