Meet James Kawainui and see why you need to come to Next Wed’s workshop at 6 pm at Hera Hub Phoenix! We know the holidays can be stressful and we are closing out the decade! Its time to be free and clear of 2019 and start a new decade with fresh intentions and perspectives! Make 2020 the best year yet.

The class that we’re going to do next week is called Get Clear for the New Year. The idea about that is how can you review what you’ve done and let go of that so that you can actually use your energy to create whatever it is that you want to create in 2020? And there’s a mindset that goes along with that. As an entrepreneur, we’ve all had to look at that. And you can have all the systems in the world, if the mindset’s not in the right place, then it really makes it challenging.

So Get Clear for the New Year is about being able to come back, and it’s giving you tools. It’s also about giving you the mindset, the mental mindset, the spiritual mindset, really, about how to vision, how to manifest, how to create the life that you really want and to let go of the places and the obstacles that we all have as human beings.

It’s just going to be so beneficial for anybody that walks into our space and just attends this workshop, especially given that it’s the end of a decade, but it’s also the holiday season, which for a lot of people it is joyful and all that. But for a lot of people it’s also very stressful, very emotional. And there’s a lot of healing that needs to take place for… You close out the year, you close out with a holiday season, but for some it might be amazing, and for others it might not be the most happiest of times. And it can be very stressful.

It can be challenging. The holidays are challenging. And that’s the other half or the other aspect of the class that we’re talking about, is giving people tools for managing their stress. And even though we’re talking about stress in your business, but we’re also talking about stress in the holidays, the running around, the things, the pressures that we feel. And how can I look at that? How can we look at that in our everyday life and find a quiet space, right? So holidays or no holidays, new year or no new year, it’s tools for managing your life.

So please come next Wednesday at 6:00 PM  at Hera Hub, which is 2111 East Highland Avenue. In fact, we actually just did a clearing exercise here at the Hub and reset intentions.

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