Many of you have come to Hera Hub Phoenix and were amazed by the art on our walls, as you should be!  Our ahhhh-mazing featured artist that we kicked off upon opening is Talisa Lopez-Garcia.  I initially met Talisa out of a recommendation from the owner of Ke–Pam Slim.  When I asked Pam to recommend a local female artist that fit my vision and mission for the space we were creating for women of the valley, Pam said Talisa hands down!  So, when I met her for coffee and saw her work, I knew immediately she was the one!

Now, we have even more reason to celebrate as Talisa just won the Washington DC Art Battle! If you haven’t had a chance to see her work and purchase a piece, come to Hera Hub Phoenix and check her out! We’re so proud of her and want her to launch into her greatness that she has, bubbling out.

Here’s some bio on our awesome artist and website:

TaLisa’s work reflects strength, beauty and diversity. She is a Maryland native; where she started painting in high school and studied art in college. Once she obtained a BA in Fine Arts, she left everyone that she knew and relocated to Arizona.

TaLisa is classically trained in drawing and painting. She also has a BA in Advertising and an MBA. Her diverse academic background parallels her experience in art and business. However, in 2015, she jumped off the corporate ladder into life as a full-time Artist.

Outside of the studio TaLisa represents her craft with excellence.