Shatha Barbour of Hera Hub Phoenix and Aram Chavez from Aha to Exit talk about challenges that female entrepreneurs face globally.

Shatha Barbour

“Well, I mean just from the data and the statistics that come out, female entrepreneurs just lack funding. They get funded significantly less than their male counterparts. Yet women business owners, entrepreneurs are starting businesses three times the rate that men are starting. So that’s something that always comes up as a challenge is how am I going to fund this? And I’m getting rejected over and over and over again. And we’re starting to see more initiatives around really funding female startups, more VC firms that are led by females, more female angel investors, and just a collective sense of, “Hey, if we can invest in the female startup economy, then it will just boom,” because we’re missing, I mean, there’s a whole subset of the economy that we’re lacking because our female startups aren’t being funded at the rate that they should be.”

Aram Chavez

“That’s right. And I would also add the leadership component to this, which is a lot of males just don’t take women seriously in the leadership role. And if that’s the case, build your team around women. And, don’t let the men slow you down, eventually you’ll get the right men to come in and actually take you seriously. But, I hear it a lot where a woman will say, “For whatever reason, I’m just not getting the credibility that I deserve as a leader. And I know more about this space and I am a better listener, I’m a better leader.” And the reality of it is you can’t let that slow you down. I have made specific recommendations before to just work with women until you, that way you don’t slow down. And I’m not trying to disparage men in the slightest, but the reality of it is you have to keep running and running scared and moving fast. Build the team with the right people and if that means all women, then so be it.”