5 Secrets to Creating an Inspiring Vision Board in 2019

It’s not too late to think about the goals you want to accomplish this year. Vanessa Elle shares her secrets on putting together a vision board to inspire you to take action in 2019. 

This year marks the 4th annual Imagine 2019! Vision board workshop. The first year I offered this workshop, my divorce had just been finalized, and I was officially starting a new life. I didn’t know what “things” I wanted, but I knew what kind of environment I wanted to be in and what I wanted to create within myself.

That year my vision board was all about feeling, growing and exploring. And that’s what I created in my life; circumstances, opportunities and people that helped me along the way. I discovered a lot about myself that year, and the act of creating a vision board was my first step. Through the course of the year, my vision board became my visual guide, it reminded me of the beauty and intention I started with, and to keep going during challenging times.

Now 4 years later, after focusing on my inner world, I know what want concrete things I’m ready to create.

But first, the vision board.

Vision boards work because when we see something we want, the possibility of it becoming real increases tenfold. The vision directs us, makes us feel excited and keeps us motivated because we “see” that it’s entirely possible. We have visual proof.

Vision boards work because when we see something we want, the possibility of it becoming real increases tenfold.

What makes vision boarding even more useful is if you supercharge your idea with what emotion you want to feel. It’s pretty simple so let me explain. Let’s say you want a brand new White Lexus this year and you put a picture of it on your vision board, put it in your closet and forget about it. Do you think that will be effective?

When manifesting, consider why you want that Lexus and how it will feel when you’re driving it, parking it, loading it, picking up friends, or transporting children or pups you love. This will guide the images that really inspire you. You can also consider choosing images that help you visualize those long drives in your new car, time spent with family or walks on the beach with your pup.

Your emotions supercharge your vision, whether you’re at the beginnings stages or anywhere along your path that requires you to reimagine your next steps. Your feelings will fuel the actions you take towards bringing those visions to life.

So, what do you want to create? Is it a new home? A healthy relationship with your partner? More travel and vacations? Are you starting a new business? Creating a family?

The world is your oyster, and your vision board is the first and to me, most fun way to get it out of your head and start making it happen.

Here are my 5-secrets to making your Vision Board work for you:

Intention – What do you intend to happen this year and why

Clarity – Get clear on specific goals – partnership, career, travel etc…

Feel It – What does it feel like when you walk into your new office, or achieve those revenue goals, or find your dream home, or lover! Emotions are the secret weapon to supercharging your vision.

Visualize it – Once your vision board is complete, post it somewhere where you see it daily. Spend 3-5 minutes looking at it, feeling into your vision. Then write down the 1-3 steps you need to take that day to achieve your goal.

Celebrate – You’re on track and taking daily action towards your vision, so be sure to celebrate each and every win, big or small. Celebrating anchors you into the feeling of accomplishment and energizes you keep moving forward.

In my upcoming workshop, we’ll go over these 5-Secrets to making your vision board work for you in more detail, and you will walk away with a completed vision board, feeling more energized, connected and motivated to get started!

If you’re local to San Diego, and looking to create an inspiring vision board in 2019 join me for Imagine 2019 on Tuesday, January 19th from 6-9pm at Hera Hub Sorrento Valley. All materials will be provided. Copious amounts of wine and snacks served! To register, go to www.vewilde.com/imagine2019

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