Up until the last day, 2016 left us spinning, making us question and wonder what exactly happened this past year?! Quickly enough though, people started out 2017 writing their lists of resolutions.  I felt like I still needed time to reflect, gather, and harness my energy for the upcoming year.  So, what does 2017 have in store?  Change.

Change in almost every direction, some we can predict, and others we are holding our breath to see how it unfolds.  Nevertheless, there are definitely positive changes coming our way, especially in Phoenix.  Phoenix is growing and its entrepreneurial footprint is expanding in every direction.  Like the national trends we see, women here are starting businesses 3x as their male counterparts and contributing back to the ecosystem in more ways than we can count.

Bringing Hera Hub to Phoenix is my way of contributing and giving back to Phoenix–just another footprint to help make this beautiful and diverse city thrive and compete on a national scale.  I want this city’s vision to succeed and ensure all members are represented, especially women.  Hera Hub is essentially a co-working space for women business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals with a “spa-inspired” touch, bringing all aesthetics that make women feel welcomed.  Hera Hub will support the emerging female business owners of this city and help them grow through a variety of ways but most importantly through collaboration.  It takes a community to develop a business and impact a city. It is not my resolution for this year, but my ultimate job to dedicate my time, money, and effort to be of service to these business owners by providing a space that is a comfortable and supportive place to work, network and collaborate to launch and grow.

I want to bring that intoxicating and supportive atmosphere from the locations of San Diego here.  Imagine a place that not only connects you with others who understand the struggles of being a women business owner, but also then can refer you with hundreds of others with resources and contacts across the country and globe: from San Diego to DC to Sweden (with more to come) as Hera Hub expands in its true collaborative mission.  When I met with many founders in the Hera Hub offices in San Diego, I literally felt like the dots of my life were connecting.  I’ve gone through a few iterations on my career journey that may resonate with many women, and I finally found what I’ve been looking for. I came from a corporate background at a Fortune 500 company holding positions ranging from sales incentives/operations to global access strategies to eventually taking time off from to spend time with my young kids. Then, I went on to co-found and develop a local non-profit that created educational and leadership programs in a “safe space” environment, always looking for ways to help fill in the gaps to create a truly successful community.

As I gear up and harness my 2017 energy in full “Beyoncé style” as one entrepreneu


r put it :). I hope that all champions of women business owners, male or female, will also come out and help build this community that Hera Hub is on a mission to do!  #YesPhx #EmpowerPhxx