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Hera Hub GURUs are subject matter experts who donate their time to meet one-on-one with local entrepreneurs (members and non-members welcome) to answer questions they may have on a variety of topics related to their field. Think of it like “office hours” with your professor. It’s a great way to get free mentoring and advice from business experts. Just drop by during GURU hours, no appointment necessary!

It has always been Frances’ dream to work with computers since she was a little girl growing up with no sisters and two brothers. This resulted to her love of playing video games and tinkering around with softwares. Her passion drove her to follow the path to major and graduate with a BS Computer Science at UCSD. During college, Frances aka Goldlilys has been interning and working contract positions related to Web Development so she can learn from industry experts about SEO, create dynamic websites with PHP and MySQL, and interactive user interface with jQuery. After graduating from UCSD, she joined Professional Web Design/Development agencies where she gained knowledge of content management systems such as Drupal and WordPress that makes web development possibilities endless and exciting.

You may want to ask questions related to:
How to customize the look and feel for a website using HTML and CSS?
What cool plugins/modules to add for Drupal or WordPress sites?
How to use Javascript/jQuery to add cool effects on websites?
How to customize features on Drupal or WordPress using PHP?

Website: http://portfolio.goldlilys-media.com
Email: goldlilys@goldlilys-media.com

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