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Our next meeting will be a special Q&A session with Hera Hub Carlsbad alumna Cyndi Darlington! Cyndi founded Darlington Marketing in 2010 to help both restaurant and hospitality industry companies develop marketing foundations for future growth. In addition to providing strategic plans for these companies, Cyndi and her team act as an “in-house” Marketing Department to ensure implementation and measurement of these programs.

DMC’s current clients include both independent restaurants and multi-unit chains in the fast casual, casual dining, fine dining and bar/nightclub categories, as well as retailers within the service industry. DMC specializes in restaurant marketing, with particular expertise in guiding companies through the process of rebranding or franchising. Noteworthy clients include Nektar, Freshii, Bristol Farms, Lazy Acres, Sombrero Mexican Food, Epic Wings, Menchie’s Yogurt, and Broken Yolk.

Cyndi first hired employees 2 years after she launched her company. It grew to 8 employees (3 full-time) and post COVID, downsized back to 4 employees.  

Cyndi teaches entrepreneurship at Mira Costa College and through organizations like SBDC and SCORE. She has quite a bit of experience on how to grow businesses effectively and the right time to grow. She will bring her thoughts on scaling and share how she was able to do so cost-effectively. Come prepared with some questions for her! 


*This event is open to any Hera Hub member who is making or has made the transition from solopreneur to team leader for her business. Any and all members who think they would benefit from the From Solo to Scaled Sub-Hub are welcome to attend!   
At Hera Hub, we strive to serve members in all phases of business ownership. We have identified a need in members who have graduated from being the only person working both in and on their business to hiring contractors or employees. Being a team leader whose goal it is to work ON rather than IN the business comes with an entirely new set of challenges and required skills. The From Solo to Scaled Sub-Hub is new group of similarly-situated members within our community who meet regularly to share ideas, support, and educate each other on the path to becoming true CEOs of their businesses.

Meeting presenters and topics (Previous session recordings available in Resource Library.) – 
4/16 – Gwen Beren – Staying Within Your Zone of Genius
5/14 – Nikkie Achartz – Post-Scale Profitability
6/11 – Lucy Kelleher – Delegation Best Practices
7/9 –  Lisane Basquiat – How to Interview and Hire the Right People  
8/13 – Nicole Hagaman – Work/Life Balance
9/10 – Virginia Rodriguez – Defining & Sharing Your Vision
10/8 – Valerie Grant – Managing Team Members: Sharing Best Practices  
11/12 – Renie Leakakos – AB5/Independent Contractor Navigation  
12/10 – Lindsay Wiley – Building to Sell Your Biz
1/14 – Jessica Hornbeck – Refining Your Onboarding Process
2/11 – Cheryl St. Cyr – 2021 Employment Updates & Culture Discussion
3/11 – Regroup and Planning Meeting
4/8 – Tristan Higgins – The Difference Between Diversity & Inclusion
5/13 – Jessica Hornbeck –  Operations Assessment/Process Alignment
6/10 – Nikkie Achartz – Revenue Diversification
7/8 – (dark)
8/12 – Jessica Hornbeck – Follow-Up Discussion re: Operations & Processes Alignment
9/9 – Gwen Beren – How to Conduct a Quarterly SWOT Analysis
10/14 – Virginia Rodriguez – Purpose-Driven Profit
11/11 – Deborah Edwards – Team Strengths Assessments
12/9 – Valerie Grant – Scaling Through Mentoring 
1/13 – Regroup & Planning
2/10 – Cheryl St. Cyr – California Employment Law Updates 
3/10 – Hunter Lowder – Growing Pains: Finding the Right Help as You Scale
4/14 – Tamina Madsen – Scaling Up Ch. 1
5/12 – Cyndi Darlington Q&A

 **We have a From Solo to Scaled Sub-Hub Facebook group in which you can ask questions, share resources, and get to know the other members. Join the conversation at facebook.com/groups/scaledsubhub. New members always welcome!

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