Mansi Thakar is often referred to by others as the Doctor of Digital Hygiene and is a graduate of the University of San Diego’s Cybersecurity Operations and Leadership program. Prior to starting her passion project called Tablespoon of Healing, she has served as a key member of global vulnerability management and security awareness programs for FinTechs and MNCs. Believer of lifting while climbing, Thakar is a leader of non-profits and social impact initiatives that amplify technical skill sets and promote diversity. As the Director of PlayCyber Global League she champions the needs of an international community of cybersecurity athletes. She has a flair for sustainable innovative ideas and a history of implementing them successfully. She also plays a lead role in the PBS documentary Life Hackers and spends her summers protecting the “most hostile network on the planet” as a DEFCON NOC Goon.

You may want to ask questions related to:

  • I’ve been hacked, what do I do now?
  • What threats should I actually be concerned about as an “everyday” user or small business?
  • If I work remotely, am I more at risk?

Mansi is available from 12:30pm-2:30pm PT every Wednesday.
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