Janelle Jentz is insightful with a keen eye for identifying the right venues and tactics for reaching your target audience.  She understands how to develop and execute a marketing plan that aligns with your company’s goals and best represents your brand.

In addition to hands-on work optimizing your site for search engines (SEO) and writing blogs and social media content, she is spot-on when it comes to small business coaching. She is absolutely fabulous when you need someone to help you define your target audience, identify your brand, and develop an effective marketing strategy to build and grow your business!

You may want to ask Janelle questions related to:

  • Does my brand correctly identify what I do as a business?
    Are the colors and images inline with my industry?
    Do I have a logo that is current or should I update it with a more modern look?
    Am I consistent in my branding?  (Do my website, social media platforms, business cards, etc have the same look and feel?)
    How do I identify my target audience and brand my communication efforts for them?

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