Business Booster: Save Time with Systems & Automations with Emma Mankey Hidem

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Are you finding yourself bogged down with tedious tasks? How do you get separate platforms you use like email, calendar, CRM, etc, to work together? What can you do to make your business run more efficiently, freeing up time for yourself to focus on more important things?

We’ll talk about:
1. Types of systems commonly used by businesses (ie CRM, Project Management, SOPs) and why they’re important
2. What are some of the better tools out there for these systems and how to get them to work together
3. I’ll go over the tools I use for my own business and some of my own automated workflows that have saved me time
4. Pitfalls to avoid when using automation

Emma Mankey Hidem is a media producer specializing in 360-degree video for virtual reality and traditional video. She also runs a dating game show, does virtual/hybrid event consulting, and more! As such, she wears a lot of hats so she has researched tons of productivity and project management apps and is here to help you find the right workflow for your business.

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