Process support queen, maintainer of order, manager of details, and a true advocate for others’ potentials, Janina is known for consistently bringing her patient, calm energy and deep respect for others to all that she does. Janina has cultivated her 20+ years of corporate pharma experience as a business operations support manager into a think-out-of-the-box streamlined solutions for maximizing time, energy and productivity.

As a Process & Productivity Coach, Janina supports female business owners who are struggling to lighten the overwhelm and chaos thru intentionally planning, simplifying and integrating new habits, processes and systems in business and personally for more harmony, freedom and ease.

Questions you may want to ask Janina:

  • I feel like I’m busy spinning my wheels. How can I slow down and still be productive?
  • I think I’m ready to bring on a VA. What do I need to get started?
  • I have a million ideas swimming in my head. Where do I start to feel relief and gain some clarity?
  • I have no time. What do you suggest for time blocking and setting themed days?
  • I am not good at holding myself to tasks. What does accountability look like