Helping others recognize their greatness within is Michelle’s passion. She is joyful when she sees others achieve the results they desire and deserve. Michelle’s expertise is in Sales and Leadership.

Her training and coaching business, The Champ Group, provides professional and personal development for community and business organizations. Delivery methods range from facilitating Mastermind Groups, to coaching individuals and teams in subjects of leadership, sales, communication, team effectiveness. Michelle is on the teaching faculty of the American Management Association where she teaches sales and presentation skills; and Brandman University. She is also a John Maxwell Team Executive Director.

She worked in the Telecommunications industry for over 20 years. As Local Sales Manager for Spectrum Reach, (and Time Warner Cable) she led a team of sales professionals. In 2017 Michelle’s team was the #1 office in Los Angeles, exceeding budget by +25% and beating prior year by +26%.

Questions you may want to ask Michelle:

  • How can I create an elevator speech when networking?
  • When I have my sales hat on, I get nervous and stuck. How can I feel more confident and get better results?
  • I need to close more business, how can I increase my results
  • I am not consistent with habits to succeed, how can I improve?
  • I am not getting my clients to follow my lead, how can I change this?