Monday Accountability Meeting

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Here’s how the group will run — Brief introductions around the circle – 2-3 sentences of who you are and what you do (10 min total)

Divided up time so each person gets 5 minutes (depending on group size) to lay out:
* What they accomplished from their list of tasks and goals last week
* What they are putting on their list for this week
* Any requests for resources or connections
(approx 30-45 min depending on group size for this section)

Last section of the meeting is open for anyone to ask for help with a business challenge.�(15-30 min as needed)

Meeting should be contained within 1.5 hours. If we complete early, we end early so we can get to work!

Helpful Group Interaction Guidelines —

1. Respect confidentiality — what other people share about their lives belongs to them and should stay with them.

2. Be present in the moment — keep devices to a minimum and stay attentive to whoever has the floor.

3. Hold yourself accountable to your own journey — only you can create the change you want.

4. Ask for what you want clearly and specifically — especially when it comes to how you’d like the group to support you.

5. Speak respectfully, without blaming, shaming, or fixing.

6. Ask permission before offering feedback or advice — if someone hasn’t specified, it’s best to start with “what kind of support would you like right now?”

7. Be willing to allow for mistakes — yours and other people’s.

8. Make space for humor and the unexpected — keeping an open mind allows for the flow of miracles.

9. Be on time and stay until the end — this helps everyone feel valued and respected.

10. Please mute all electronics — use vibrate if you have to be on call for anything critical.

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