HYBRID Business Booster: “How to Uncover Your IT Factor for a Magnetic Personal Brand” w/ Keasha Lee Ince

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Your IT Factor is that special thing that only you can do in the way that you do it. It includes specific traits and characteristics that once identified and understood – will serve as your ticket to more appeal, confidence, magnetism and radiance.
By amping up your IT factor, you will begin to notice how your magnetism increases. This is because when you embody the essence of who you are, you become so much more ATTRACTIVE and CONFIDENT which leads to >> soul-match clients who are ready to work with you begin to appear, cash flow increases, and the opportunities that you dreamed of just seem to drop in your lap.
If you’re in the process of redefining your own personal brand, join us!
During this Business Booster, participants will learn:
– The link between your too-muchness and your IT Factor
– How to embody the energy that attracts next level clients
– The Do’s & Dont’s of crafting messaging that magnetizes
BONUS- if you’re attending this event in-person at HHC, we invite you to stick around afterward for a Reels workshop! We will work together to create Reels, share tips and trending audio, and video each other!
Keasha Lee is a personal branding coach, Messaging Mentor, Speaker, and is Founder & CEO of Striking Statements. Through her business, she helps conscious and creative entrepreneurs and coaches get NOTICED, REMEMBERED & PAID to be more of who they are while doing what they love. Keasha has 15+ years experience in marketing, speaking, copywriting, and personal branding. Her mission is to help 25K entrepreneurs make Striking Statements so they can create a business and life that they love. Learn more at strikingstatements.com.

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