Business Booster: NFT’s in Practice w/ Bethany Quinn

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In this Biz Booster, Bethany will do a hands-on NFT workshop, where people will:

– Learn more in depth about the process of an NFT campaign and Web3 and how they can apply it to their own work.

– Get onto the platforms generally used by the NFT community: Discord, OpenSea, and MetaWallet or Coinbase.

– Learn about the landscape, pitfalls to avoid, and other opportunities.

During the session, Bethany will walk participants through how to set up these accounts, providing them with a handout of tangible steps on how to download the various apps.

They can return on Feedback Friday to share how it went to set up their accounts or get answers to any questions they had during the process. Depending upon attendance, Bethany may also be able to help them with the set up process during Feedback Friday.

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