Business Booster: Social Selling: How to find and build your custom lead lists w/ Taylor Gaines

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Are you looking for a simple, proven strategy that will allow you to grow your email list FAST?
When most people talk about email marketing, they jump into email copy, catchy subject lines, open rates, and tracking unsubscribes. But before you can get to any of that, you’re missing one crucial component: to send out email marketing campaigns, you first need a robust list of people to send them to!

You’ll walk away with:
1. How to scrape profiles and build your lead lists from Linkedin, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter and more.
2. The do’s and don’ts of list building
3. Tool options for implementations – find your fit
If there is time, we can also cover:
1. What to do with your list once you have it
2. How to write sales copy that converts
3. How to set up a multi-touch, multi-channel sequence

If not, show up for Feedback Friday to learn about these next steps.
Taylor Gaines is a digital native and social media expert. She helps companies maximize time, money, and resources by deploying modern solutions that drive results.

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