Hera Hub has several sister entities…

Hera Labs & Hera Angels are both non-profit organizations dedicated to educating and funding female entrepreneurs.

Please watch the video below to get an overview of how the Hera family works together.

Hera LABS is a unique business accelerator for aspiring entrepreneurial women. The program provides female start-ups, in all industries, a safe place to test ideas and grow their business. This is achieved through specialized, Do-It-Yourself, hands-on LABs at Hera Hub (at Hera LABS classroom); making it a one-stop resource for enterprising women to work, connect, and flourish.

The program provides participants with mentoring and resources delivered by accomplished entrepreneurial women in the community. This includes access to experts with industry know-how, labs, tools, and investment capital to efficiently launch and achieve sustainability.

Hera Labs’ mission is to inspire, equip, and propel female founders to successfully plans, launch, and scale their original businesses, thus positively impacting their local, national and global economies.

Women worldwide have access to mentors, education, a support system, and capital that will ignite female-led innovation.

Learn more at HeraLabs.com and Facebook.com/heralabs

Hera Angels is an all-woman angel group in San Diego whose mission is to grow the number of woman angel investors and fund more female entrepreneurs.  Hera Angels and Hera Fund support the annual Hera Venture Summit – every September at University of San Diego.

Learn more about the Hera non-profit partners via these event videos below…

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